Thursday, September 23, 2010

MUSIC RELATED POST: John Legend & The Roots "Wake Up"

Upon a whim I bought the above album from the starbucks where I work. It turned out to be one of those experiences where you try something without really knowing anything about it and it turns out to be great; like my first time trying sushi but without the diarrhea.
I picked up the album before a break, put it in my car and was instantly blown away by the reworking of Baby Huey and the Babysitters' song "Hard Times" featuring an appearance by the rapper Black Thought.
By the time my break was finished I had listened to the first three songs on the album and spent the rest of the work day waiting to blast the remaining songs from my stereo.
"Wake Up" is funky, soulful, plus all sorts of other things and really drives forward the idea the idea that this world needs to be changed, first by changing the way people treat one another.
My aim really isn't to review the album just to express how surprised I was by it but some notable tracks include "Hard Times," "Our Generation," "Humanity" and "I Can't Write Left Handed" Check it out.

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