Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've really been getting into The Who lately. By "getting into The Who" I mean that I've been sitting in my room listening to their records, watching Tommy, Quadrophenia and The Kids Are Alright, and shopping around the internet for parkas and a nice skinny tie to complete my 1960's mod outfit. I'll never be able to afford a vespa sadly so I suppose there are some dreams that I will have to bury.
Something did strike me though upon jumping into this collection of music from before I was born-there is no youth culture today that exists the way it did back in 1960's Britain. I find it somewhat disappointing that urban tribes no longer wish to even acknowledge their own existence and that the sense of unity these groups doesn't really even exist.

If you haven't already you should check out the film Quadrophenia. I think it's a great adaptation of the album and they recently turned it into a play!

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